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Card: Keith Robford; The_Chilterns; WTPC-0179 
Date: 1903 Nov 26

Address – Miss Hedderwick, The Manor House Weston Turville, Tring

Message –  Dear Madge, The Calete?? lone?? began at 2.30 on Sat:- Mawon Bates and Stewart are not playing - as they are over 14! so I fear we will be badly beaten!!  But we will be glad of Yr sympathy - Come as earl;y as you can - as the Watford boys have to catch the 4.25 at Tring.Love by on both  Pri Roberts
  Card: T Hillier 
Date: 1904 Dec 13

Address – Mrs Welch, c/o Mrs Howarth, 3 Old Fold, Monton, Nr Manchester

Message –  Who wouldn’t like to live in such a mansion. Best Love May
 Card: Mike Bass MB-0009
Date: 1904 Apr 04

Address – Miss J Parrows, 259 Chatsworth Rd, Chesterfield

Message –  Excuse pencil have had to get it in town.  Hope it will be a nice day, SJ?
Card: T Hillier 
Date: 1904 Dec 13

Address – Miss Stella N Brown, , Perrymead Court, Prior Park Road, Bath

Message –  Sorry such a wet night with Love. It was raining last the time and mould has started?