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Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P11_C1d
Date: After 1904 Nov 26 (based upon stamp)

Address – Mrs E Spark, The Oaks, Hilliard Terrace, Northwood, Middlesex

Message –  Dear xxxxxxxxx, thanks very much for sending letter on.  I am going to Aylesbury for a few days this week.  I hope to come to you sometime next week, but do not know for certain which day.   Will let you know in good time.  Hoping you are all well.

With love


 Card: AKR_8001a
Date: 1905 Aug 22

Address – Miss Hedderwick, The Mews House, Weston Turville, Tring

Message –  What a lovely programme you have for Scotland.  Wish I could have had a  p?? of you at Euston!  However I like meetings rather than ???? So I'll look forward to joining you a welcome when you come back! Yrs ever Barbatte
Mrs A Sole! a flat one 
 Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P12_C1h
Date: 1906 ??? ??

Address – Miss Robinson, Newton Long, Nr Salisbury, Wilts

Message –  Thanks for letter only just recieved, the address should have been near Tring to get here quick. Am sorry for the news contained don't know what to say or how to advise. Its stormy here otherwise it's lovely. We are having a nice time love to children and journey from office.  I am still in your debt. From Aunt ell Nuew?.
 Card: Mike Bass MB-0007
Date: 1906 Apr 20

Address – Miss Burgess, 16 The Market Sq., Stony Stratford, Bucks.

Message –  Dear Moeb, Hope you have had a jolly time. With love & Best wishes for a safe journey, from Louie 
Thought you would like an Aylesbury Duck

Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P12_C1r
Date: 1907 Apr 27

Address – Miss Pickering, HM Prison, Holloway

Message –  None!? Is it hidden in the picture?

A "Weston Turville Suffragette"?

The writing looks very similar to that of Aunty Bess on postcard dated 1907 Sep 07.
 Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P12_C1d
Date: 1907 Jul 05

Address – Mrs H Trileo, Cherwell St., Banbury

Message –  4 Ripen Street, Aylesbury

Getting on very well may see you Sunday think of coming down.

 Card: Society Archive; Randall envelope, Witchell, Wendover
Date: 1907 Sep 07

Address – Miss E. Sharp, The Firs, Weston Turville, Nr Tring, Herts.
Message –  High St.
Wish Ethel many Happy returns, with love from Aunty Bess
 Card: AKR_0005a
Date: 1907 Nov 03

Address – W. H. J. P. Podger, Portbury House, Milton, W.9.N
Message –  Shall be pleased to lend a hand at Town Hall on Tuesday next at 7:39 as dewied. Do A Vope
 Card: WTHSoc_PCA_1_P7_C1b
Date: 1907 Dec

Address – Miss Lara Lyied, Middletone
Message –  Dear Lara, we wish for all a very happy xmas.  With love cousin Polly
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 25a
Date: Abt 1908 (based on another example of this card)

Address – Mary Barrow, 1 St James Terrace, St James Street, Wetherby, Yorks

Message –  None

 Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P12_C1c
Date: 1908 Jul 28 - Dinton

Address – Mrs W Higgins, 8 Eagle Terrace, North Lane, Woodford, Essex

Message –  Dear Friends, just a card to let you know I am at Bucks.  So sorry I did not see you before I left.  St Newington.  Miss Higgins was at Dinton today she did not come into see us.  I hope Mr H is still recovering and that all the children are quite well and yourself.  Nell will write you a long letter and tell you all the news Evie says why did we not bring Charlie.  Love to all from all. Alice
Card: Society Archive Misc - Duckpond
Date: 1908 Aug 01

Address:- Mr Barrett, 3 Hudson St, Beverly Rd, Hull

Message:- Dear Mother, Trust you are well & the bird is alright.  We are having a nice time.  Archie arrived here today
Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P12_C1i
Date: 1908 Aug 24 - London

Address – Mrs Dearing, Honeysuckle Villa, Mann Park, Aylesbury

Message –  Thanks for letter did you send to Miss T to thank her she be pleased I did F?????me 21 of Exhibition ??????????
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 69a
Date: 1908 Oct 06

Address:- Miss Brown, Chapel House, Weston Turville, Nr Tring, Herts

Message:- F. Does not think will be going to P…until Friday.  So if it’s juice? Tomorrow.  Wed 7 I will come over & we will go B… in the afternoon.  What did you think of W.  Should see.  My  b….y present? Love M Naske
 Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P11_C1e
Date: 1908 Oct 26

Address:- Miss Oakley, Keynes, Austen Way, Gerrards Cross, Bucks

Message:- Dear Clara, I arrived home about 10:15 Sunday night, am quite well.  Hope your cold is better.


 Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P12_C2a
Date: 1909 Apr 23

Address:- Miss Brackley, St Leonards, Nr Tring, Herts

Message:- To Alice


 Card: AKR_0006a
Date: 1909 Aug 04

Address:- Master Arthur Keen, 44 Corine Rd., Tufnell Pk, London N

Message:-Had a swim this morning.  Weather is good now, though it was bad Sunday.  Kind regards to all, Fred
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 24b
Date: 1909 Sep 01

Address – Miss Kate Welty, 11 Bolwell Terrace, Lambeth Walk, Lambeth, SE?

Message – “Dear Katie, I was very pleased to receive another card from you what a pretty one…………………….”
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 37a
Date: C1909

Address:- Mr J Munger, Chalkshire, Butler’s Cross, Bucks.

Message:- Weston Turville, Wednesday.  I have decided to go to Moreton next Monday or Tuesday instead of tomorrow if one of those days will suit you.  Was sorry the weather was too bad for you to come to the meeting yesterday; we had very few there.  Hoping you are all well, Yours etc. E.L.M.