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 Card: Colin Seabright Page 39a
Date: 1910 Jan 02

Address: Miss C. Oakley, Fairlight, Shrublands Rd, Berkhamsted

Message: Dear Clara, I will try and come tomorrow (S) if time as I am going to meet Edward there at 3:00la? Yrs, An

 Card: Colin Seabright Page 62a
Date: 1910 Feb 03

Address:-Mr W.E. Ball, 25 Pratt Street, Camden Town, London

Message:- Arrived Home safe, a letter tomorrow from Chris your E.M
 Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P11_C1f
Date: 1910 Apr 27

Address:-Mrs Brackley, Woodbine Cottages, St Leonards, Tring

Message:- If convenient to you Jim and I will come over Sunday afternoon.  Hope you are all well

Love from

 Card: Mike Bass MB-0010
Date: 1910 Jun 22

Address:-Miss K Attewell, The Court House, Toot Baldon,Mr W.E. Ball, 25 Pratt Street, Camden Town, Nr Oxford

Message:- C/O Miss Hedderwick, The Manor Hse, Weston Turville, Tring
Sorry I've not written before should like to hear from you.  This is where I exist getting on A.I. Love to all ?????
 Card: T Hillier  WTHSoc_PCA_1_P12_C1g
Date: 1910 Oct 22 

Address:Mr J H Vanner, "Henllan", North Road, Milford Haven

Message:- 22.10.10 Had a good day at Aylesbury today. Love to all.

Hops sold well J.J.V.

John Hughes Vanner was a Brewery District Manager in Milford Haven.
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 63b
Date: C1911

Address:-Mr Mrs Meehan; “Sherwood”; Dickens Street, Peterborough

Message:- Thank you for nice card.  We hope all are well – also the little son.  A Mr of Peterborough took this Photo.  ???this ?//ourselves ????//all Auntie A
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 24a
Date: 1911 Feb 13

Address – Miss Winner Mitchell, 20 Queen St. Maidenhead

Message – “With live and kisses from Uncle Fred.  Hoping your mother is much better. Feb 13th 1911”

 Card: Colin Seabright Page 81a
Date: 1911 Aug 11

Address:- Miss L Payne, 11 Cleveland Gardens, Paddington W

Message:- Dr L. I will see you 8:15. Fond love B
 Card: Society Archive; Randall envelope; West End
Date: 1913 Sep 11

Address:- Miss Wyatt, "Ridfeviece", Horsell, Woking, Surrey

Message:- Friday Sep 22/11
Dr E, Many thanks for letter, intended sending before to say N still at Northall St. much about the sc???? at house.  I hear there is   ??? measeas don't know how many.  Fever at Aston, child died.  Harvest Festival here last Wed Eve.  I hope you are well.  Still going to have uncle done at Best Cot.  Saw Maud at the show.  Shall ??? write unul I hear from you again.  Much Love From Yrs? As B.4.
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 84a
Date: 1911 Sep 26

Address:- Miss E.? Bates, c/o Mrs W ? Purssell, Tring Road, Aylesbury

Message:- I saw Aunt B & F last evening it was wrong what I told Emma about Mrs. Pettit not receiving your letter I misunderstood them thought you might be writing there.  From your affect Bro. W.B.
 Card: AKR_0009a
Date: 1911/12 based upon stamp

Address:- Mrs Vickers, The Kennels, Edensol, Bakewell, Derbyshire

Message:- Dear Ma: I am down here for a week & we're having glorious weather.  We're going to a flower show this afternoon, I've got me of the little Richmond nieces here with me, 4 years  old so you can guess her excitement of running loose on the fields and seeing the Ducks, Chickens & Pigs; she wants to send you some xs so I shall have finish ??? Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday & ??? all from Old Mother Riley.
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 11a
Date: 1912 Jan 1<date illegible> 1918 Jun 3
Address:- Miss F Ball, 99 Albert St., Regents Park, London ?
Message:- Dear Flo, We arrived here safely & are having a fine time. Just off for a drive. Jill
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 37a
Date: 1912 Jul 25?

Address: Miss A. Kent, c/o Mrs Cooke, 91 Kings St, Gt Yarmouth

Message: Nellie sends her love and will write soon

Dear Ada, Just a card in answer to yours.  I am very glad to hear you are having a nice time.  We are getting in at 7 O’clock in the morning now such a rush on. (Bunty). Now dear I will close hoping you will finish up well.  Love from Lydia

 Card: T Hillier  WTHSoc_PCA_1_P1_c1e
Date: 1912 Aug 15 

Address:Miss Pxxxxx, 8 Silver Street, Aylesbury, Bucks

Message:- “Dear Lilly,  I missed our train of xx by 10 minutes, going by the 4:£0.  Sorry to tell you Amys’ father has xxxxxxx in the eyes, that is why Danny is going back.  Comfortable journey so far.   Xxx xxx best
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 30a
Date: 1913 Aug 14

Address –, Miss Faith I Dawlings, 10 Hillside Road, Stamford Hill, London N

Message –  Care of Miss Norris, Yatley Lodge, Weston Turville, Tring; Aug 13=1913

Thank you for your card. I hope you will have a very pleasant holiday, the most important news is that the baby is thought to be cutting a tooth.

Your affectionate brother

R. Maurice. N. Dawlings
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 36a
Date: 1913 Aug 19


Dearest D. Daisy

Just a card I have been for a wee walk I have passed this place today.  I have just received a card from your mother.  Hope all are well, Lovingly xx George

 Card: Colin Seabright Page 22b
Date: 1913 Sep 9

Address:- Miss Hillsdon, 12 Pembridge Crescent, Notting Hill, London W

Message:- Dear E, I hope you are got settled by now & feel better for your holiday, have you got cleared up from the workmen yet. You will see M let me f off for a few days. With love Suzie

Address: Miss D Polley;11 Paddington Green; Harrow Rd; W

 Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P7_C2
Date: 1913 Oct 10

Address:- Master Pat Thompson, Chaplains House, H.M.C.Prison, Aylesbury

Message:- I think you would enjoy motoring today – it so beautifully warm. Elaine? Ball
 Card: Society Archive; Randall envelope; Halton - event at lake
Date: 1913 Oct 17

Address:- Mrs G Sharp, Weston Turville, Tring

Message:- Dear L.  Please accept my best wishes for today.  Hope all are well. What lovely weather we are having.  Expect to return Tuesday if nothing prevents, Love to all.
Yours M.S
Bx Jx Mx
 Card: AKR_0008a
Date: 1914 Mar 25

Address:- Miss Axtell, Athenaia, Headland Park Rd, Preston Near Paignton, S. Devon

Message:- With best wishes from dad and Leslie Bedford
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 46a
Date: 1914 Sep 20

Address:- Miss V Walton, Frederick St, Waddesdon, nr Aylesbury, Bucks

Message:-Dear Vivien? A line to let you know I have not forgotten you.  How are you getting on I am progressing fine.  Don’t you think Weston Turville looks a lovely place.  Not half it isent.  Write me a letter soon.  Best Love Daisy
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 17b
Date: 12 Oct 1914
Address:- Miss E Duncan, 2 Montfort House, Barnsbury Sq., London N
Message:- “Am having a glorious time 16,000 men in camp round here and making the place look alive.  It is rather fun but they are having a rotten time, poor fellows. To news rotten!!” Love Jenny”   

(Could this be Jenny Axtell?)
 Card: T Hillier  WTHSoc_PCA_1_P1_c1d
Date: 20 Nov 1914

Address:M Allan, 44 Richford Road, Portway, West Ham London

Message:- “Just a line to let you know I have received your second letter also stamp. My cold is a lot better as I have been to the doctor.   I drew xx on Friday.  I have not heard from Harry yet.  You can call at Mr Lucas to see how he is.   Hoping all are quite well.  I remain your loving son Bill"