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 Card: T Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_1_P11_C1a
Date: 1921 May 17

Address:- Miss Hart, Westwood, Gravelly Lane, Erdington, Birmingham

Message:- From E

Both having very good time xxxxxxxxx really over here, country just at its best.  All Well.  What lovely weather!  I hope to go to London by 9:30 or by 12:30 to Bournemouth, seems a pity to leave here!

Much love 
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 90a WTPC-0035b
Date: 1921 Sep 10

Address:- Mrs. F. Ball, 99 Albert St, Regents Park, London. NW

Message:- Mother feels a lot better for the change.  Do you know here.  Photo on other side, I think they are good, tell your Ma this is our quiet country seat.  We are going to see Charley Chaplin in the Kids’ this week at Aylesbury.  Best love Yrs Chris.  Dad’s Cottages with “X” on.
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 90a
Date: 1921 Sep

Address:- Mrs. F. Ball, 99 Albert St, Regents Park, London. NW

Message:- Dear F, Your letter to hand safely, pleased to hear you had a good time & thanks so much for Ribbon. Robbie? Looks pleased with same.  They all arrived home safely looking brown and well.
 Card: Society Archive Randall envelope AC-01 Aston Clinton house
Date: 1921 Dec 10

Address:- Mr G Sharpe, Butchers, Weston Turville, Aylesbury

Message:- Dear Mr Sharpe, Alec & I are in Aston Clinton for a few days and will walk over to see you during the week. James L. Clark
 Card: Tony Hillier WTHSoc_PCA_P6_C2-back
Date: 1921 Dec

Address:- Mrs D Rolf, 10 Blackrock Cottages, Brighton Sussex

Message:- Dear E, Just a line to wish you a very happy birthday.  Excuse the card but it may prove interesting to you.  It was xxxxxx at the Pearce carnival.  I will write again later.  Thanks for card.  All is well at Weston.

Best Wishes L
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 79a
Date: 1922 Aug 18

Address:- Mrs. A. Sanders, 45 Lydford Rd, Maida Vale, Paddington, London

Message:- Dear Aunty, Hope you are quite well, as it leaves me the same.  All of us went to Aylesbury on Saturday.  We are having miserable weather.  Now I must close with love from Lucy.  Give my love to Alice and Fred  Dear Tapex
 Card: T Hillier  WTHSoc_PCA_1_P2_c2a
Date: 1912 Aug 19

Address:Mrs Stanbridge, 22 St Peters Road, Dunstable

Message:- “From  E Ginge Chandos Arms, Weston Turville, Nr Ayles Dear xxxx, We moved into her last Friday.  What do you think of it.  Shall expect you and xxx over to look xxx.    Turn to the left in Aston Clinton.  It is about a mile from the turn.  My darling Bet is coming home on Tuesday I think.  It is so lonely without her.  Hoping you and Clive are well, and can keep warm today.  We are melting.   Kind regards E Ginge 
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 89b WTPC-0035a
Date: 1923 Jul 26

Address:- Mr. Bradberry, 27 Vicarage Rd. Park Lane, Tottenham N17

Message:- c/o A.Oakly, Weston Turville, Nr Aylesbury, Bucks.

Dear N, having a fine time, the boys are in their glory they don’t want to go home but they want to see daddy.  Do you think the house at the corner would do for us x Live in hope of it.  I’m housekeeping today.  Mum & Jim have gone to Penn till tomorrow. Hope all are well. Love to all Jen xxxxxx
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 63a
Date: 1924 Aug 05

Address:- Mr. Bradberry, 27 Vicarage Rd. Park Lane, Tottenham N17

Message:- c/o A Oakley, Weston Turville, Nr Aylesbury

Dear Old Beans, I’m here, the weather is not much, but the boys are enjoying themselves.  I heard from Vic this morning, thanks for the things.  Mum & Dad wish to be remembered to you. Write again later.  (Maggoro?)
 Card: Colin Seabright Page 89a
Date: 1924 Aug 22

Address:- Mr. Bradberry, 27 Vicarage Rd. Park Lane, Tottenham N17

Message:-Dear N.  Still enjoying ourselves, returning Sat evening. Mum & Dad, send kind regards, Hoping to see you soon. Yrs etc. Gen?