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 Card: Colin Seabright Page 80b
Date: ???????

Address:- None

Message:- We are not sending any Cmas Cards this Year, This is one of our house taken last summer and gives???? ???? field at the side, the second row of railings is on the other side of the road.  We are going on Thursday to Clapham to stay with Janet for the holidays.  Very Best Wishes from allfrom us both. Annie Wobstanott
 Card: Society Archive - Misc WT-21 WTPC-0036
Date: ???????

Address:- The Firs, Weston Turville, Tring

Message:- do you know anyone on the other side.
Dear E, We all wish you very many happy returns of your birthday. Edith thanks you for PPCO will write to you co here.
She knows your address I ??? lost? side of it, but hope I have remembered it right ??????????it was Aunty Eve B day tomorrow & he is waitey to post. With love from all LS
 Card: Society Archive - Misc WT-21 WTPC-0032
Date: ???????

Address:- Mr & Mrs J.S. Sharp, Ingledene, New Rd, Weston Turville

Message:- from Mama? with Compliments of the Season. The Firs.