The War Memorial

On the green at the top of School Lane is a simple granite Celtic Cross erected in 1920, and inscribed with the names of twenty seven soldiers from Weston Turville who died in the two World Wars

 Names on War Memorial

 Pte. J Atkens
 Lt. J Kirtland
 Pte. P.F. Chamberlin
 Sgt. W Ingram
 Spr. W.C. Rickard
 Pte. A.E.P. Clark
 Pte. G. Edwards
 Cpl. E. Axtell
 L-Cpl. L. Munger
 2nd. Lt.S.A. Kempster
 Pte. H.J.B Dean
 Pte. A. Purssell
 Gnr. F. Axtell
 Pte. A. Bunce
 Pte. P. Weedon
 A-B. T.C. Kempster
 L-Cpl. T. Bishop
 Pte. H.J. Howe
 Pte. H. Langstone
 Pte.H.L. Kempster
 F/Sgt. E.C.W. Broad    
 Gnr. P.R. Wheeler   
 Gdsmn. E. Bunce
 F/Sgt. E.G.B. Brooks
 L/Cpl. C.J. Griffin
 Tpr. J.A. Swann

The following names were added in 2002 following research for a book about the village, during the First World War, by June Underwood.
The memorial was rededicated at a special service on 10 Nov 2002. Egbert Bates' omission was only discovered in October 2002. 

 Capt. A.E. Hamilton-Agnew
 Pte. F.J. Ridgway
 Pte. E.G. Kempster
 Sgt. J. Brooks
 L-Cpl. L. Clark
 O-Cdt. N.F.J. Ward
 A.B.; E.C.K. Bates
(There is also a gravestone for Officer Cadet Norman Ward in St. Marys Churchyard.) 

More details on each of these soldiers available at Bucks Remembers