War Memorial

On the green at the top of School Lane is a simple granite combined War Memorial in the form of a Celtic Cross erected in 1920 and inscribed with twenty names of those that fell in the Great War.

Six additional names were added  on a separate plaque following the Second World War.

Further names were added in 2002 following research for a book about the village, during the First World War, by June Underwood.  The memorial was rededicated at a special service on 10 Nov 2002 to. Egbert Bates' omission was only discovered in October 2002.[2]

Village Green before the memorial[1] 

And after[1]



 Names on War Memorial

 Pte. J Atkens
 Lt. J Kirtland
 Pte. P.F. Chamberlin
 Sgt. W Ingram
 Spr. W.C. Rickard
 Pte. A.E.P. Clark
 Pte. G. Edwards
 Cpl. E. Axtell
 L-Cpl. L. Munger
 2nd. Lt.S.A. Kempster
 Pte. H.J.B Dean
 Pte. A. Purssell
 Gnr. F. Axtell
 Pte. A. Bunce
 Pte. P. Weedon
 A-B. T.C. Kempster
 L-Cpl. T. Bishop
 Pte. H.J. Howe
 Pte. H. Langston
 Pte.H.L. Kempster
 F/Sgt. E.C.W. Broad    
 Gnr. P.R. Wheeler   
 Gdsmn. E. Bunce
 F/Sgt. E.G.B. Brooks
 L/Cpl. C.J. Griffin
 Tpr. J.A. Swann

The following names were added in 2002.

 Capt. A.E. Hamilton-Agnew
 Pte. F.J. Ridgway
 Pte. E.G. Kempster
 Sgt. J. Brooks
 L-Cpl. L. Clark
 O-Cdt. N.F.J. Ward
 A.B.; E.C.K. Bates

Cutting the names 19 Aug 2002[3]

Completed new names 2002[3]
North-East face

Inscriptions on the North-West Face of Monument 2012