Last Chance To See

There are now a threatening large number of proposed projects in and around Weston Turville that threaten local heritage and historic sites.

The map on the left shows the sites east of Aylesbury promoted to the district council during its call for sites consultation.

On the bright side - This has resulted in unprecedented levels of professional archaeologist activity in the area.

Hampden Fields - Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Assessment. The development is 190m from the Weston Turville Conservation Area. There are 45 Listed buildings within 1km, 12 with 300m. There is undesignated buried Archaeology within the site (could this be our Roman Villa?).


This dramatic photograph is by Mark King using lasers across the countryside to demonstrate the HS2 route. If HS2 goes ahead as currently planned – and the government says it will – then what remains of the Saxon and Norman Stoke Mandeville village will be swept away by the bulldozers. The high-speed line is a direct hit on the old church, its churchyard and its deserted village.

Also in the path of HS2 are Potter Row, Great Missenden; Chetwode, Doddershall Lodge and Twyford Village.

Get out and see them while you can.

Buy the LAST CHANCE FOR STOKE MANDEVILLE'S DESERTED VILLAGE? pamphlet from the Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society.

Doddershall Lodge - Another direct hit.