4000-2000BC Mesolithic occupation. Flint blades found in School Lane [1]

2000-1750BC "Beaker People" Bronze Age trimmed flint scraping blades

found in allotments off Church Lane [1]

2000BC Late Stone Age Flint axe head found in Middlefield [1]

1200BC Bronze Axe head found in Middlefield [1]

571 According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, the Vikings

subjugated Aylesbury, they must surely have had

a look at Weston Turville too.

800s Weston Turville part of Danelaw

1582 October 5 to 14 - Nothing happened. [6]

1642 20 people assessed for tax for contibutions for Ireland [1]

1721 "Burnside" built, it was once a small drinking house known as "The Vine"

1797 "The Old School House" was built and used as "dame School".

1798 Posse Comitatus lists 119 men between the ages of 16 and 60 in Weston Turville [1]

1799 Prior to the enclosure, the Map of Weston Turville shows 3 very large open fields, broken up into tiny strips. [4]

1801 Census 497 inhabitants in 109 families living in 72 houses recorded in Weston Turville [1]

1811 Census shows population as 524

1821 Census shows population as 611

1822 Edward and Rebecca Needle of Weston Turnpike in the Parish of Weston Turville were murdered.

1831 Census shows population as 637

1839 Weston Turville Church of England School founded, demolished in 1970

1839 The Union (Baptist and Congregational) Chapel erected

1841 Census shows population as 718

1851 Census shows population as 748

1861 Census shows population as 724

1871 Census shows population as 812

1872 Outbreak of "Foot & Mouth Disease" on Weston Turville farms [5]

1881 Census shows population as 824

1891 Census shows population as 791

1901 Census shows population as 720

1905 School room added to the rear of The Union Chappel

1920 War memorial erected.

1926 The village was connected to electricity grid (11 years after Aylesbury)

1940 German Air Raids - 4 Oct 6 craters on the Aylesbury side of West End [2] [3]

1940 German Air Raids - 5 Oct Between Broughton Turn and Weston Turville [2] [3]

1943 7 Mar British typhoon plane crashed on Manor Farm and Barley Close [2] [3]

1948 Film star Carmen Miranda attend May Day celebrations, crowned the May Queen & joined in dancing [7]

1959 Royal Observer Corps monitoring post opened next to Weston Turville Golf Club

1968 Royal Observer Corps monitoring post closed

1970 Weston Turville Church of England School moved to current location

1984 Hampden Hall used for billeting the Israeli Team for Paralympics

1987 Inspector Morse films in Weston Turville.

1999 Weston Turville starts a Historical Society

2012 Olympic Torch passes through the parish & the Paralympic Torch passes through the village

2012 Post Office paints a postbox in the village gold to honour Pam Relph's Olympic gold

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