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Correspondence archive

The reverse side of the postcards in our archive and other letters we have found provide interesting background and social history. Where possible, we have ordered them chronologically.

Circa 1926 People of Weston Turville Village.  A really unique map, from the memory of Ethel Brown. The original list was made by her father who was a postman and lived in Bye Green.

 Circa 1922 George Poulton - Florence Adeline Dodd marriage.

"This photo was taken in the back garden at Bye Green Cottage where my grandmother (Mrs. Hannah Clark) lived until just after I was born. My father & mother and 3 sisters then exchanged houses with her.

The wedding had already taken place in the Tring area, where the bride and parents lived and then they visited Granny, Aunts and Cousins all living in WT"

Sent by Richard Brown, son of Ethel Brown who lived in Weston Turville until 1946.

Ethel has provided the names of most of those captured in the photograph.

 The Village Band c1899

This photograph is included in Weston Turville A History by Hamish Eaton 

Left to Right:

Standing: Herbert Dean, A. Piddington?, Oliver Axtell, W. Bishop?, Griffin, George Piddington,

Ernest Griffin, ?, William Axtell, William Weedon, Jack Brookes.

Sitting: Fred Eldridge, William Bishop (Bandmaster), George Newman, Ernest Piddington

Weston Turville Temperance Band ^1

Formed in about 1884 and sadly, now extinct. Also known as Weston Turville Brass Band ^4 and Weston Turville Prize Brass Band. It was funded by subscription.

There was also a “Band of Hope” for the children of the village.

The Weston/Harvest Feast - In the Plough or Crown alternate years (late 1800s): Roast ox,

roundabouts and swings, bowling for the pig, brass band, 10.00 (- late!). Rector blesses the allotment crops.

Aylesbury Contest

3rd Jul 1897 Conductor R.G.D. “Gaffer” White,  playing “Smiles and Tears” ^2

30th May 1898 came 2nd  with a rendition of “Fairest of the Fair” ^2 

1899 Jan 11 Instrument List ^5

   E♭ Soprano. N.               F. Rickard

3 B♭ Cornet.       defective W. Bishop

~ B♭ Flugel. Horn.              W. Bishop

~ E♭ Saxophone defective W. Bishop

~ E♭ Saxophone defective W. Bishop

   E♭ Saxophone new         E. Piddington

   E♭ Saxophone new         W. Bishop

   B♭ Trombone  new          W. Piddington

   B♭ Baritone     new          G. Piddington

~ B♭ Euphonium                 F. Eldridge

~ E♭ Bombardon  def         A. Piddington

   E♭ Bombardon new        C. Rickard

It is hereby recognised that the above instruments are the property of the Band committee.

syned on behalf of all the Band. Wm Bishop (Bandmaster) C Rickard

1899 Nov 01 Brass Band News issue 218

“Our village friends are most of them alive and progressing, many of them having had a really good season. Their latest work has been to give a valuable help to the hospital week collections, Waddesdon, Wendover, St. Leonards, Whitchurch, Cheddington, Bishopstone, Weston Turville, Aylesbury C. E.T.S. lads, and Aylesbury Printers, all assisting in this good work, Your collection of Dr Dyke. hymns will be Very useful, Indeed - standard tunes."

May 1900 – Performed at Relief of Mafeking Day Celebrations ^3

1908, The conductor was Mr W Bishop

Nov 1927, The conductor was Cecil Rickard

(R.G.D. White was the Head Master at the school from 1883 until after the Great War he had many roles, including being the chairman of the Slate club at the Chandos Arms)

Brass Band News 1905 April 1st

Weston Turville B.B – Mr Bishop writes “I have much pleasure in sending you our annual subscription once more. We never miss you know.