Family History

As our Archive moves onto the internet, the search box above becomes more useful as a research tool.

We are steadily scanning and transcribing available documents to create a virtual Archive.

Additionally there are a number of recorded interviews with residence in our Gallery.

Some surnames that have appeared in documents we've found.

Regrettably we are unable to conduct any family history research, but we are interested in any results of your research into life in the village.

Correspondence archive

The reverse side of the postcards in our archive and other letters we have found provide interesting background and social history. Where possible, we have ordered them chronologically.

Circa 1926 People of Weston Turville Village. A really unique map, from the memory of Ethel Brown. The original list was made by her father who was a postman and lived in Bye Green.

Circa 1922 George Poulton - Florence Adeline Dodd marriage.

"This photo was taken in the back garden at Bye Green Cottage where my grandmother (Mrs. Hannah Clark) lived until just after I was born. My father & mother and 3 sisters then exchanged houses with her.

The wedding had already taken place in the Tring area, where the bride and parents lived and then they visited Granny, Aunts and Cousins all living in WT"

Sent by Richard Brown, son of Ethel Brown who lived in Weston Turville until 1946.

Ethel has provided the names of most of those captured in the photograph.