By location - Multiple Views/Composite Cards


Subject: 9 composite views of the village

Publisher: Publisher X

Date: C1915; (Buck CC photo archive) Earliest legible Postmark 23 Dec 1916

This example from Colin Seabright


Subject: Multicard, 5 views of Weston Turville

Publisher: Unknown - "Publisher Y", all cards have A.nnnn reference nos

Date: C1935; Earliest legible Postmark 15 Aug 1935

This example from T.Hillier


Subject: Multicard, 5 "Snapshots" of Weston Turville. We have all of the views as individual postcards (WTPC-0129, WTPC-0054, WTPC-0123, WTPC-0042 and WTPC-0004)

Photographer/Publisher: Maurice Kitchener

Date: Before 1925 on postal evidence

This example from Keith Robford

Original glass plate negative - Object number KIT/30/1686 Kitchener Collection (Held at Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre)