E. Bunces Stores

This image was generated with KREA AI from a C1910 postcard. 

Bunce's Stores at the Crossroads was a grocery store, but now a private home. in 1837 it acquired an "off premises" licence. 

1837 An "'off premises' license was granted in 1837  [2

1868 25 July Elizabeth Bunce was found guilty of selling beer on the premises. She was fines 1s., and 15s. costs. [3

1872 The building was owned by Mr. King of Waddesdon and the "off premises" license was held by Mrs. Elizabeth Bunce. [4There were no similarly licensed properties in the parish at the time.

1871 (Census) William Bunce (50)  is the shop keeper, his wife Ann (48, nee Atkins) is a Plaiter).

1883 Though we can find Elizabeth Bunce listed as a beer retailer in directories from 1869, the last entry we can find for her is 1883. The Bunce family are still landlords at The Five Bells and later The Vine. The shop however is listed as a grocer after this date.

1884 William Bunce Dies

1887 Elizabeth Bunce dies, aged 93

1891 (Census) Ann Bunce (Widow of William Bunce) and her daughter Emma

1938 Emma Bunce had a tragic fall while serving a customer in the store.[5