The Fox

The Fox, Weston Turville, coming from Station Road, Stoke Mandeville. 

This image was imagined using Google Streetview, DAL-E and KREA AI.  

Aylesbury Brewing Co. proposed to remove the full license of "The Fox Inn" at Scrubwood and apply it to new premises also be known as "The Fox" which they planned to erect on the Wendover Road, Weston Turville just beyond the garage at the entrance to Station Road. Objections were made by protesters that were not even local and not actually entitled to voice an objection. There was actually little opposition and the local Temperance bodies and Band of Hope Union seem to have double counted votes. The Weston Turville parish had a population of 1,040 at the 1931 census and the population was growing. In the parish, there were three fully licensed houses and one beerhouse which equated to 260 persons to each house, substantially lower than neighbouring parishes. Never-the-less, the application was refused.