Cottage Garden Society

From The Bucks Advertiser and Aylesbury News September 23rd 1871

Weston Turville Cottage Garden Society

A most commendable endeavour to form a Society at Weston Turville for the encouragement of cottagers in the cultivation of their gardens, &c., has been promoted by the gentlemen in the neighbourhood, and judging from the first exhibition which took place on Wednesday, promises to be highly successful. Indeed, if powerful patrons can be relied on to constitute any measure of support, the Society starts under the fairest auspices. Among them it reckons the Borough Members, Mr. Rothschild and Mr. Smith; Mr. Shirley, of the Sycamores, Mr. Scantlebury, of the Chilterns, Mr. T. W. Morris, Bedgrove, Mr. J. Kingham, Weston Mead, Mr. R. Fowler, Weston, Mr. A. P. Scrivener, Brook Farm, Mr. T. Verey, Woston, with the Rev. J. Butcher, and Mr. W. Gomm as secretaries, Mr. Shirley filling the important posts of president and treasurer. The Society has also a numerous managing committee, whose thoroughly practical character is guaranteed by the following list of members:-Messrs. W. Inwood, J. Clark, J. Boeson, J. Brandon, R. Gascoigne, J. Weedon, W. Walton, H. Cyster, A. Slade, W. Thorne, T. Clarke, and W. Dorsett. We believe the credit of starting the Society belongs more particularly to Mr. Shirley, Mr. Butcher, and Mr. Gomm; and all who wish well to the labouring classes classes of agriculture must heartily sympathise with the objects of these gentlemen in their desire to promote among the cottagers so healthful so as garden cultivation. The exhibition took place in Mr. Scantlebury's beautiful grounds, which were kindly lent for the occasion. During the afternoon the grounds were thronged by a well-dressed company, including many guests of Mr. Scantlebury, who played the part of a most generous host, keeping open house for everyone who desired to avail himself himself of his hospitality. The croquet lawns were also given up to those given to this mild form of out-door dissipation, while the juveniles were indulged in swings. For those disposed for tea provision was made by the committee in a pavilion erected for the purpose, and excellent music was supplied by the Thame brass band. The show of flowers, fruits, &c., took place in a large carriage house on the premises, which was fitted with side and central tables. Besides the articles for competition there was a collection of beautiful stove plants, lent from the conservatories of Lady de Rothschild, Mr. Scantlebury, and Mr. Shirley; floral table ornaments, dressed with much taste by the Misses Shirley; and fruits, flowers, and vegetables, by Mr. Scrivener and Mr. Wheeler. The display of articles for competition was, under the circumstances, a very creditable one. The vegetables seemed to be particularly good, especially the onions, potatoes, and carrrots; among the fruit the apples and plums were well represented; and among the flowers were some fair specimens of cottage cultivation.

The prizes were awarded under two classes, the first to cottagers with a rental not exceeding £7, and the next to occupiers with a rental from that amount to £30. The classes were not very clearly separated, but as far as we could see there was not much difference between them. We subjoin the prize list :-

Class 1 (with a rental not exceeding £7). - Asters -First prize, E. Gomm; 2nd, H. Bunce. Fuschias-1st, E. Gomm; 2nd, H. Bunce. Window Plants-1st, E. Gomm; 2nd, M. A. Miller; 3rd, A. Slade. Roses-1st, H. Cyster. Bouquet-1st, H. Bunce; 2nd, E. Gomm. Apples-1st, T. Walton; 2nd, W. Inwood. Pears-J. Figg. Plums-J. Weedon. Damsons-1st, W. Gomm; 2nd, T. Bunce. Kidney Beans-1st, H. Bunce; 2nd, W. Dorsett. Carrots-1st, T. Clark; 2nd, J. Clark; 3rd, T. Walton. Cauliflower-W. Dorsett. Onions-1st, W. Turner; 2nd, W. Dorsett; 3rd, J. Bunce. Kidney Pota- toes-1st, W. Dorsett, 2nd, H. Norwood; 3rd, J. Clark. Round Ditto-1st, J. Bunce; 2nd, W. Dorsett; 3rd, G. Walton. Turnips-W. Dorsett. Parsnips-1st, T. Bunce; 2nd, J. Walton; 3rd, W. Ridgway. Celery-W. Dorsett. Cabbages-J. Bunce. F

Class 2 (with a rental from £7 to £30). - Window flowers -R Gascoigne. Apples-1st, W. Ingram; 2nd, E. Brill. Pears-1st, C. Goodson; 2nd, E. Brill. Plums-1st, W. Ingram; 2nd, R. Gascoigne. Damsons-1st, E. Brill; 2nd, W. Ingram. Greengages-W. Ingram. Grapes- E. Brill. Kidney Beans-1st, E. Brill; 2nd, C. Goodson; 3rd, W. Ingram. Carrots-lst, E. Brill; 2nd, W. Ingram; 3rd, R. Gascoyne. Cucumbers-1st, W. Ingram; 2nd, R. Gascoyne. Lettuces-W. Ingram. Onions-1st, E. Brill; 2nd, C. Goodson; 3rd, W. Ingram. Peas-R. Gascoyne. Kidney Potatoes-1st, E. Brill; 2nd, R. Gascoyne; 3rd, W. Ingram. Round Potatoes-1st, R Gascoyne; 2nd, W. Ingram. Vegetable Marrow-W. Ingram. Parsnips -1st, E. Brill; 2nd, W. Ingram; 3rd, R. Gascoyne. Celery-1st, R. Gascoyne; 2nd, W. Ingram. Beetroot- R. Gascoyne.

CHILDREN'S PRIZES.-Bouquet of Flowers-First prize, Francis Warr; 2nd, Sarah Walton; 3rd, Jane Beeson. Blackberries-1st, Edith Clarke: 2nd, Elizabeth Slade.

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