2013 Weston Turville School Fete, Report from Chris Gill

Post date: 16-Jun-2013 21:33:12

We had a ‘real’ day of it. The sun was shining but bad weather was approaching from the west. Somebody said “don’t worry; it won’t rain before 4.00pm”.

He was using an iPad so had to be right. So we got everything out and started to set up. But the gazebo took off in the wind and had to be held down while we got organised. As the wind strengthened to a force 9, Linda had to hold the gazebo down while I went home for some wooden braces. During my absence the gazebo took off with Linda hanging on and the stand blew over scattering paper all over the field.

I came back to help collect everything and we started again. I double pegged and wedged the gazebo with a wooden brace against the wind. In spite of our efforts to brace the stand against the wind, it blew our stand over twice and we had to set it up [half high] wedged against a table[s] set on its’ side. Everything had to be Sellotaped to stop the paper flapping and tearing. We couldn't display any books, leaflets or maps as they blew away immediately. Then the sun went in and we got soaked when the heavens opened.

As we were one of only two gazebos at the fete, we also got very crowded - twice - while everybody waited to see if the rain would stop. It didn't, so the Punch and Judy and everybody else moved indoors.

We packed up wet and were home by 2.45pm. By 3.30pm the sun was shining and there wasn’t any wind so after a strong coffee we put all the wet stuff in the garden where it was dry and packed up by 6.30pm.

On a more positive note we got a free coffee and cake at the fete. We made some money [£12.50 – which I’ll donate to the PTA] from our ‘what is it?’ table.

I may also have 3 new members and 3 gardens to dig.

I wanted to, but never met Mrs Brooks [H/mistress] but Sandra Parsons PTA said the school wants to talk about an archaeology project, so I’ll follow that up. If I can get to a PTA meeting I may get some more members/gardens.

Next year if we’re asked, I think a tombola and a lucky dip with ‘History’ on the side may suit us and the fete better.

Thanks to Margaret and Rosemary, Vicky and Peter, John, Mick and Mike.F. for letting me borrow their stuff for the ‘What is it’ table. I’ll get it back in the next few days.