Roundup of September events

Post date: 23-Aug-2013 07:01:21

No meeting this month, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening.

The Weston Turville Times should start hitting doormats about now, hopefully including a reference to the Historical Society Treasure Hunt which needs to be completed in time for the village fete (7th September). Though the Treasure Hunt is available on the website, a copy is attached so it can readily be forwarded to non-Society members and affiliates.

1st of Sept is a Halton House Open Day.

7th Sept WT Village Fete

12 – 15th Sept Heritage Open Days, some really interesting local buildings are being made accessible.

27 Sept Weston Turville Historical Society meeting on “The Halton Industrial Exhibition of 1868” it wasn't where you’d expect and it’s almost impossible to research with Google.

28 Sept Bucks Local History Network in Little Chalfont

Watch out for the Weston Turville Historical Society A board at the sites of Archaeological test pit digs and see what’s been found.