Request from Buckinghamshire County Council

Post date: 20-Dec-2013 12:28:25

Buckinghamshire County Museum is staging an exhibition on WW1 next year. They are hunting for an oil painting by Alexander Jamieson that used to hang in the British Legion Hall in Weston Turville. I assume that it was the building in Main Street that was known locally as “The Haig Hall”. They know of the painting, entitled “An Incident in the Great War” and featuring Field Marshal Earl Haig from a postcard dated 1932.

Does anyone know what happened to it or where it is today?

Please email with any clues.


I remember the painting in the Haig Hall. Maybe the Wendover Branch of the British Legion would know where it might be? Margaret


Hi Webmaster,

Having asked the question last night about the lost painting I contacted a couple of people I know in Risborough and the general feeling is a confirmation that it was removed from the Haig Hall which was of course a Royal British Legion hall to the one in Risborough. Unfortunately the hall was sold in 2011 to an outfit called The Chilterns Christian Fellowship which is part of the Elim Church. All I can suggest is that the Museum, should they wish to follow this up, do so by e-mailing the Royal British Legion and/or the Chilterns Christian Fellowship.


Dear Webmaster,

I just thought I would let you know that your leads came up trumps and we have located the painting in a storeroom in the Princes Risborough hall that was purchased by the Chilterns Christian Fellowship. Apparently it was hanging in the hall when they took over in 2011 but wasn’t mentioned on the inventory and has never been collected by the British Legion so it’s a bit debatable as to who really owns it now. It has been quite badly damaged at some point with several large tears through the canvas. The canvas is very brittle and so it would probably be a major restoration job. Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to display it in its current condition but it’s good to have located it.

I shall contact the British Legion and let them know of its existence as it seems a shame for the painting to be forgotten about when the artist was such a staunch supporter of the BL and donated it to them. Perhaps there will be some WWI grant funding somewhere for restoration…

Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes