More on Thespians and Weston Turville (Elizabeth Taylor Burton)

Post date: 03-Dec-2014 14:25:43

Recently a "thank you" letter came up for auction on ebay. Sent to a Mr. and Mrs. Hind at 260 Wendover Road by Mrs. Richard Burton in April 1965. Can anyone elaborate?

The envelope was addressed to:-

G.A. Hind (should be Nind)

260 Wendover Road

Weston Lurville, (should be Turville)

No. Aylesbury, (should be Near)



Could it have been dictated?


Roll up of comments received, with thanks to Janet, Frances and Marion.

Postcodes probably arrived in Weston Turville in 1971, so we shouldn't have expected one on the envelope.

The couple who lived at 260 Wendover Road were actually Mr. & Mrs. Nind (not Hind).

The letter that prompted the reply looks to have been commiserations rather than of congratulations.

Theories and conjecture on the original topic and how the Nind's could have known the Burtons:-

1) Could they have met at the Bell Inn (and Pavillion) at Aston Clinton which Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton visited and was less than 3 miles from the Nind's home in Weston Turville. It is likely that The Bell would also have been frequented by Nora Swinborne and Esmond Knight who lived in Weston Turville (as did David Attenborough, Guy and Dianna Mannering) and Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier who lived in Long Crendon.

2) Original subject could have related to a collision in Dublin on March 3rd 1965. Her chauffeur hit a Mrs. Bryan who died. There are accounts of Elizabeth Taylor "jumping from her Rolls Royce and pillowing the dying Irish widow on a mink coat". Mr. and Mrs. Nind would have felt a great deal of sympathy for anyone involved in motoring accident, their son had been killed by a car - in Buckland village, where they were living at the time.

3) Mrs. Nind was a midwife, and Elizabeth Taylor had a miscarriage while married to Nicky Hilton (1950-1952)

4) In 1966 and 1967 Richard Burton’s brother was a patient in the local spinal unit and received several visits from Richard and Elizabeth. Apparently for many years after that the Burtons sent a Fortnum and Masons hamper to the nurses at the spinal unit.