WTPC-0154 Chamberlin’s (Formerly "The Magpie") C1919

The house was built in 1760. In the book of the village by Hamish Eaton it says that it was called the Magpie alehouse in the 1800s and was probably unlicensed. Looking at the 1824 Business Directory and the 1851 Census it would appear at that time that an alehouse called the Harrow Inn was situated in Main Street. It is possible that it has had two different names, The Magpie and the Harrow Inn in the 19th century. The premises became a shop and was latterly until 1950s a garage with petrol pumps etc. It is now a private residence.

1839 Richard Ingram's application for a license was refused (unfortunately, the name of the property is not given).[4

1843 Richard Ingram convicted for having three measures out of ten deficient. Fines 5s. each measure, and 12s. 6d. costs.[5]

1851 Census Shows Richard Ingram (68) in West End Harrow Inn as a Beer house Keeper & Ag Lab together with his wife Mary (67) and son William.

1872 No mention of Magpie or Harrow.[3]