Suffrage movement in the Weston Turville area

Post date: 31-Jan-2013 08:19:30

We have a request from Rev Colin Cartwrite (our speaker in November) for any local stories or family connection with the suffrage movement in the Weston Turville area. Information on opponents to the movement would be just as interesting.

Evelyn Sharp is mentioned in Margaret Cox's Manor Book (copies still available!).

Her autobiography "Unfinished Adventure" is available on Amazon.

There is also book on Evelyn Sharp "Rebel Woman, 1869-1955" by Angela V.John which can sometimes be found on AbeBooks for less than £1.

For those of you who enjoy a mystery, there are also images of an intriguing postcard from our very own archive attached. (Thanks Tony). The card itself seems to have been the message. To help you unravel it, 2 snippets of information.

    1. The mass imprisonment of Suffragettes didn't really get under way until 1908 (Though there may have been earlier isolated arrests).
    2. There was a warder from Liverpool working at Holloway on the 1911 census called Ellen Pickering and there was a famous suffragette called Julia Pickering. Anyone who can come up with an explanation, or even a convincing theory deserves my adulation at least.

Does anyone else have any snippets of information?