Card: ebay

Date: 1925 Aug 03 Postmark Weston Turville

Address:- Mrs Bunce, "Glenville" 8 Blenheim St., North Cliff, Seaboro'


Wednesday, Received your card this morning. Hope you received my letter. Glad you are enjoying yourselves, and having nice weather. Mrs. S sends her love. All news when I see you. Grannie & Aunt. gone to Uxbridge for three weeks. Love to both, Yours Charles

Card: Colin Seabright Page 61a

Date: 1925 Aug 06

Address:- Miss Smith; 110 Lower Road; Newquay, Cornwall

Message:- Weston Turville, nr Aylesbury, Bucks.

My dear Ethel, Your P.C. arrived a few hours before we came here. The weather is not at all good. We are going to Tring show this afternoon if it is fine. Mother has gone to Aston. She hopes to get as far as Wendover. Give my love to Annie. Best love, be yourself. With love Susie

Card: Colin Seabright Page 9a

Date: 1925 Aug 25

Addressed to:- Miss Gregory; 16 Dunlace Rd; Clapton; E5

Message: “Many thanks for the letter. We are having a very good time weather not extra special but could be worse. Hope you have good weather. Isn’t this a lovely lane. We are off to Aylesbury today in the car. Swank! Hope we shall have a nice day. We are about 7 miles from Minne, don’t think I shall go.

Love from Alice”

Card: Colin Seabright Page 47b

Date: 1925 Sep 15

Address:- Mrs Bars, 67 Croydon Road Anerley, London SE 20

Message:- Finishing our holiday here. Watching the rain! See you early next week, Percy

Card: Colin Seabright Page 65a

Date: 1926 Aug 14

Address:- Mrs F Townsend, 13 Sherwood St, Oxford Rd, Reading, Berks

Message:- August 13th 1926 8am ??love ????Win ????

Dearest Mum, This is a much better view, I received the paper safely. Hope you are feeling better, its simply pouring down here all this afternoon. We have Mrs. Dicken & her mother staying so it makes a little more life. Our fete went off very nicely & it managed to keep fine. I’ll send you the account of it. I must say the singing was from our house hold Mrs Perry joining in. I’m sending to Aunt Louise a PCard.

Card: Colin Seabright Page 53a

Date: 1927 Jul 2?

Address:- Mrs A Jamieson, c/o Brig Gen Jamieson CB, 2 Redcliffe Sqr. Earles Court, London SW 10

Message:- Wed: I arrived successfully & until today it has been like November & poured incessantly. Today has been lovely & have been sitting in the garden with very little on. When do you go to Cherlie? T.N L.G

Card: Society Archive; Randall envelope; Stock Lake

Date: 1928 May 19

Address:- Mr J.S. Sharp, Weston Turville, Nr Aylesbury, Bucks.

Message:- Underwood John,

Another Draw Book Wednesday.

Card: Society Archive; Randall envelope; Bierton Hill

Date: 1928 May 19

Address:- Mr G Sharp, Butcher, Weston Turville, Nr Aylesbury

Message:- 113 Park St.

Dear D, Please send by B. 2 1/2 - 3lb of Pork to roast (Loin if you have it).

In haste.

M. F.C

Card: Colin Seabright Page 93a

Date: 1929 Aug 15

Address:-Miss G Gale, 34 Crossway Rd, Wealdstone, Harrow

Message:- Dear Miss Gale, The weather is holding out for us so far, and we are just turning red. We have been cycling today and I feel stiff, Hope you’re enjoying your holiday. Best Wishes B. Killard

Card: Society Archive, Randall envelope, Burnside

Date: 1929 Aug 15

Address:-Mr & Mrs Bunce, 29 Altyne Way, Upper Elmis End Rd. Bickenham, Kent

Message:- Having a very nice time, weather topping, no rain since Sunday morning. Only hope it will keep like this for you. Had a glorious run on Monday. 107 miles, Lunch by the river and Tea in the Hille. Do you want me to see about a "Puppy"! as I think there may be some around. Love to both. Doll xx

Card: Society Archive; Randall envelope; Butlers Cross Post Office

Date: 1929 Oct 18

Address:- Mrs G Sharp, The Firs, Weston Turville, Nr Aylesbury

Message:- Love & best wishes for today.

Hope all well.

EJ P.?